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If you have a question or have been referenced here due to a question, please look for your answer below.

1) Can you make me an icon?

Sorry, but at this time I am not doing requests. If at some future point I do a request post, you are free to ask me then. For the time being though, the icons posted up are it.

2) Can you make icon #_ with specific text?

If the icon already has text, no I cannot. I do not save my bases so that icon is finished as is. If the icon is textless, you may politely ask if I can add text. I may have to refuse if I find the text in bad taste or if I'm too busy to do it right away. But if you are willing to wait until I can manage it, I will almost always be willing to add text to a textless icon.

3) Where did you get the image for #_ from?/ Where did you get screencaps from?

All screencaps are taken by me unless otherwise noted in the post. Most images are found via google searching the subject matter, so I'd advise trying a Google Image Search if you are seeking images for that series.

4) Can I use this icon on another website than Livejournal?

As stated in the icon posts, you are free to use the icon with credit on other websites. Please just make a note somewhere on that forum/other journal/etc. that the icon was made by ushitora_icons @ livejournal.

5) Can I use this textless icon as a base?

No. Icons are all for taking as-is.

6) Do you have a selective coloring tutorial? / What selective coloring tutorial did you use?

I started out with this tutorial for starters and have tweaked it to suit the color schemes of the series I icon.

7) Can I affiliate my icon journal with yours?

Please check out the affiliate post here!
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