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Ushitora Icons

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~ welcome ~
Welcome to abarero's icon journal. Feel free to look around and if you want to keep tabs on what I make, just go ahead and friend this icon journal!

If you're looking for a specific type of icon, please browse my Tags Section for the title of the series you are looking for. ^^
~ how to use/credit ~
-- Comment to the post and please tell me what numbers you are taking. This helps me know which styles people prefer so I can make more like it in the future.

-- Place credit *in the comments section* to "ushitora_icons" like this:

-- It's fine if you are going to use this somewhere *aside* from Livejournal-- but please do place credit to "ushitora_icons" at LJ somewhere where others can find it!

-- Please do not hotlink my icons from other sites, upload them to galleries without crediting or cause drama here. Anyone found doing this will be banned from my journal.

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